Who We Are

Rafique Traders is one of the largest conglomerates in Bangladesh by its diversified strategic business unit to improve the life of Bangladeshi people through its reliable quality products. It was established in 1985 by Md Rafiqul Islam, Proprietor of Rafique Traders. All units of this organization is adding value to the daily life of consumers through its Baoma mosquito coil, Baoma Hair Dye, Award shoe polish, Award shoe shiner, MaxCare Baby Diaper etc. Rafique Traders and S.N Trade International are sister concern of Rafique & Co. [Pvt.] Ltd. (RCPL).

The organization has crossed many miles and set several milestones on its path during more than three decades business operation. Rafique Traders is the first to import Chinese mosquito coil in Bangladesh which is now the market leader among all Bangladeshi mosquito coils. This achievement has come only for organization’s unique business strategy “NEVER COMPROMISE WITH QUALITY!” Rafique Traders has a strategic vision & tries to walk through a different path where customer is the main priority, ensuring least price but best quality. Now it’s a big challenge for Bangladeshi consumers to get quality products with affordable price and we are trying to solve this problem. Our honesty, ethics & commitment has rewarded us a very good raising position in Bangladesh consumer goods market and we are gratitude for this to immortal almighty. Now we have more than three hundred regular employees & two corporate offices. Across the country we have more than five hundred distributors with standard business volume and domestic reputed super shops are our client also. All over Bangladesh 300 employees are working in Rafique Traders.

Our Products

Our Values

Community Responsibility

Employees Are Our Greatest Asset

Client is the King

Ethical Trading Policy

Quality Policy

Our Strength

We have very good dealers network and the dealers are financially enough solvent & they have also good business network.

Now if we bring any products, our client will receive it cordially because they know this company product must ensure quality and this company is respectful to its commitment at any situation.

Our professional integrity and high degree of adaptability is also our remarkable strength.

We strictly follow Bangladesh government rules & regulations like Income Tax, VAT & others requirements, for this reason we have very good relation with Bangladesh government.

Customer relay on us without any confusion regarding previous extraordinary positive feedback of our products.

We are client focused and we try to provide our clients creative and unique solutions.

Happy Customers

Rakib said, “I have been using China made Baoma mosquito coil for last 4 years. I really like the non-smoking side of this coil. As I had Asthma problem, I used to avoid mosquito coil. Because majority of the local coils emit high amount of smoke. When my friend suggested me to use this product, my experience was overwhelming. The burning hours of this coil is also significant.”

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Neela said, “Maxcare baby diaper is a tremendous new product of Rafique Traders. Previously I tried some Bangladeshi made diaper for my baby. Many of them caused allergy problem and last for 12-14 hours. But Maxcare changed my views. Maxcare diaper provided me “changing indicator system” facility. Moreover, it gave 24 hours protection for my child. No doubt it is best diaper I have purchased so far.

Mrs. Neela

Mrs. NeelaMarketing